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Increase your visibility, buy real high retention Youtube views

Buy real Youtube views from Zadoxis and start gaining the recognition you so deserve on Youtube. Actually getting noticed on Youtube can be the hardest part when starting out. However when you buy real Youtube views here at Zadoxis you’re putting your video in front of real people and also getting high retention views at the same time. This means people are actually watching your videos and the views are not coming from a bot or any other computer generated system creating fake views. These real high retention views stand to create a great foundation to getting all your videos on Youtube noticed and getting you you’re deserved recognition. Buy real Youtube views here at Zadoxis and see the benefits that come from real high quality, high retention Youtube views

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Reach your targets, purchase real Youtube views.

Real Youtube views especially high retention Youtube views will really help you reach your targets and get ranked. Obviously you need to get your video SEO right too but once you’ve done that you need quality real high retention views to get your video ranked for your desired keyword or phrase. Real high retention Youtube views are what’s needed to get your videos ranked high up in Youtubes search. When you see websites selling Youtube views at really cheap prices they will be low quality, low retention fake bot views. The only thing this type of views is going to do is make your count look high for the few days before Youtube flags your video and removes it. Don’t take the chance buy high quality Youtube views here at Zadoxis.

high retention youtube views

Buy high retention Youtube views – Get Ranked!

When buying real Youtube views it’s extremely important you buy high retention Youtube views. High retention Youtube views get you ranked, low retention views will likely get you banned and offer no help when it comes to getting your video ranked. High retention views mean that your video is watched most of if not all the way through. This sends a signal to Youtube that your video must contain high quality material and hence rank you higher. Low retention views will do the opposite. Buying cheap views will cause you more harm than good. If you’re serious about your Youtube videos then don’t mess around with inferior views services, buy high retention views here at Zadoxis today.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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“I had tried many different Youtube views services prior to finding Zadoxis and had not had good experiences. With Zadoxis this all changed. Their real Youtube views service worked great and I noticed a big difference in how their high retention Youtube views made such a difference in getting my video ranked in the search and it getting noticed. Zadoxis offer a really great service here that I can’t recommend enough.” – Shelly E. | Bergen, Norway

“Buying high retention Youtube views for my latest music video from Zadoxis really helped give the video the initial boost it needed to get noticed. Buying Real Youtube views is definately the way forward and I won’t be gambling by buying anything but these views for all my future Youtube videos.” – Shaun T. | Ontario, Canada


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Why you should always buy real Youtube views.

Simply put there’s no point in buying anything but real high retention Youtube views. If you care about your Youtube videos then purchasing anything but high retention views will only serve to damage you.
Anything other than real high retention views will pretty much guarantee that your videos will be flagged by Youtube taken down, warnings served or in the worst case scenario your account will be terminated.
It’s simply just not worth buying cheap Youtube views delivered by bots, no good will come of this practice anymore. Youtube is far to clever now and can tell with ease when someone is using bot views.
For just a few dollars more you can buy real Youtube views and high retention views at that too. Quality views that will only benefit your videos in a positive manner.
Try out our real Youtube views service and see for yourself the difference.

Buy High Retention Youtube views

As mentioned above when it comes to buying high retention Youtube views the only views you should look at purchasing are high retention views. High retention views are Youube video views that get watch from 60-100% of the video. Anything below that will look negative to Youtube’s eyes. It can come off as spammy so we encourage high quality Youtube services.
High retention Youtube views are quite simply the only type of Youtube view worth buying, anything else will either have no impact in helping your video get ranked or just flat out get your video banned or account terminated. If you care about something as we’re sure you do for your Youtube account channel and videos then it’s always worth spending that little extra to get a quality service. And here at Zadoxis that’s what we offer, high quality high retention Youtube views.

Youtube Video SEO

There are several stages to getting a video ranked in Youtube. The first and often most overlooked aspect is getting your actual video SEO right. This means deciding what keyword or phrase you are targeting and then creating.
Firstly you would use your main money keyword first then a generic style title after. Here is an example “Make Money Online – 10 Simple Steps”
Secondly you need to create a description. Use your keyword as the title followed by a link to your site. After this write an article approximately 500 words long with a keyword density of roughly just 1%. You can also add other links at the bottom of the article to other site you maybe listed on like Yelp for example.
Thirdly you need to set the tags correctly for your video. We recommend using four tags. The first tag will be your exact keyword, the other three will be generic, topic related to your main keyword.
The forth step is simple, just buy some high retention Youtube views.
The fifth and final step involves buying a link package for your video. We offer several packages above which take varying degrees of time to complete. When asked for keywords for link building anchor text use your main keyword then once again use generic topic related keywords for the remainder.
And there you have it. That is pretty much how ranking a video on Youtube is done. As you experiment you may find new tweaks to the above that work even better but as a general rule the above 5 step plan works very well at getting a video ranked.
Youtube video SEO as you can see takes into account several factors, all vital to getting good rankings. Good Youtube video SEO is often overlooked with many people believing just buying views alone will work. This is not the case though, to get ranked you need to follow all the above for great Youtube SEO and great rankings.

Why Buy Youtube Services from Zadoxis?

Zadoxis offers a lot of Youtube services from Youtube likes, dislikes, high retention views, shares and subscribers to make your Youtube videos and account much bigger. Some are more popular than others. For example, a video owner might want to show off that they’re getting more likes and views than they would dislikes or even subscribers. Not everyone who watches your Youtube videos are going to subscribe so buying Youtube subscribers are not going to be done as much as when you buy Youtube likes or even real views. All of these can create a successful campaign for you but only if done correctly. We can always help you do better on your campaigns if you take the time to email us and help us guide you. Lets go over some of the YouTube services Zadoxis offers.

Youtube High Rention Views – Youtube views are the amount of times your video has been watched, similar to Vine loops. This can show the virality of the video resulting from a really interesting, funny or emotional video that touches the person. High retention views just mean that the video has been watched through at least 60-90% of the video which shows that the user actually was watching the video to know what it is about rather than clicking on the video just to give the user views. The more videos are watched through the entire thing, the more YouTube will look at it in a positive light, ranking the video higher. YouTube uses this measurement to understand which videos are the most informative or high quality.

YouTube Subscribers – Youtube subscribers are the equivalent as having Twitter followers because you use this to see how many people have joined your channel as audiences. It means that they are really interested in what you have to show or say so they are willing to sacrifice a a part of their day to see your videos. It is the biggest compliment a user can give you and this is how you slowly and organically build up constant views on older along with new videos.

YouTube Likes – YouTube likes are the amount of times a video has been liked, which is the equivalent to a Facebook photo/post like. It shows how much the video is liked and its popularity. There is a bar that represents the likes to dislikes and is separated from a green bar and a red bar. The green bar represents the size of the likes in ratio to the red bar which shows the dislikes measured.

YouTube Dislikes – YouTube dislikes are the exact opposite of YouTube likes, which shows how much the video was not liked. Whether it was because of bad quality, misinformation, spam, trolling or anything else. It is a good indication of whether you should even watch it or not by looking at the dislikes to see how much there are. If the YouTube dislikes are more than the YouTube likes or even abnormally high, it is best to stay away from that video.