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We Love What We Do!

At Zadoxis, we have a heart for Social Media platforms like Soundcloud, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, Pinterest and many more. We love to help people succeed online because we are passionate and believe in what we do.




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Yes, you read it right! Our team really cares about you and this is why our customer support rocks! We always reply within 24 hours.

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  • High-Quality Followers
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  • High-Quality Followers
  • Really Fast Delivery
  • No Login Details
  • Top-Notch Support
  • Secure & Safe


  • High-Quality Followers
  • Really Fast Delivery
  • No Login Details
  • Top-Notch Support
  • Secure & Safe

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Buy Social Media Followers & Services at Zadoxis.

Zadoxis is an established social media service agency where you can buy services such as followers, likes, plays & views for social media platforms like Twitter, Vine, Soundcloud, Pinterest and Youtube amongst others.
We offer quality social media services at affordable and realistic prices. Buying services for your social media accounts such as followers or likes can be a great way to help kick start or boost your accounts popularity, gain visibility and get noticed.
If you have an account on a social media platform like Twitter, Vine, or Pinterest then buying likes & followers can be a great move. Likewise If you’re looking to boost your Soundcloud or Youtube tracks and videos then plays and real views can also be a really great move to get things moving.
Look at your social media account as a shop. No one goes into an empty shop, and it’s the same with a social media account that has no followers, likes, plays, views etc. People will just presume there’s nothing in your account worth looking at or listening too. However if you create an attractive busy looking profile then like a shop bustling with customers it creates intrigue and people come and take a look out of natural curiosity. People attract people this rule applies online just as it does on the high street shops.
So you can see the services we offer can be used as a great marketing tool for all your social media accounts.
Buying followers, likes, views or plays may seem like cheating but in reality it’s a necessary part of creating a popular, attractive account on Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Youtube or any other social media platform that will get noticed and gain you the recognition you or your brand/company deserve.
Zadoxis are here to take care of all your social media account promotional needs. We look to build ongoing lasting relationships with all our customers by offering quality social media services & customer support that gives you no reason to go anywhere else but Zadoxis. Our prices are set to be as low as possible without compromising the quality of followers, likes, plays & views etc. Simply put you won’t find social media services of our quality at our prices anywhere else online.
So if you’re serious about promoting your Vine, Twitter, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Youtube social media accounts or any other service we offer then try us out! We offer small tester packages for all services, why not try one? We promise you won’t be disappointed!
Whatever social media platform it is you’re looking to become prominent on whether it be Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram Zadoxis can help take you to the forefront and get noticed. Think of our services as a tool to be used to help you up the ladder and start helping you gain the exposure you are gunning for.
It’s not easy getting a foot in the door and any recognition these days on any social media platform but at Zadoxis our aim is to help you achieve that and start getting noticed, recognition and build up an online presence for you as a person or company.